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Republic F-84G Thunderjet

by Sten Arne Andersen


F-84 Thunderjet





Here is Tamiya's 1/48 scale Republic F-84G Thunderjet. I finished this model in the colors of the Royal Norwegian Air Force 336 Squadron as it appeared in the late 1950s. 



The F-84 served with the RNoAF during the 50's and up until the early 60's



Construction and Painting


The F-84 went together really well. Apart from the decals I built the model straight from the box. 

The only sanding required was on the front intake and some along the spine. The wings and tailplanes went on very easily and accurately, just using some thin cyano to seal the joints. 



I painted the model using Humbrol Metal Cote Aluminium for the base metal finish. 

The wheel wells and office were painted green zinc chromate and details were painted with various enamels, weathered with drybrushing and washed with black oil paint. The seatbelts were supplied as decals. I just cut them out with he backing paper, giving them at least some thickness. I guess it's the easy way, but what the hell, it works! 

After a few days drying I masked off some panels and airbrushed using a mix of steel and aluminium Metal Cote. 

After more days of drying I buffed the model carefully and placed the decals where they belonged (I did not use gloss cote under the decals, it wasn't necessary). 

The canopy was masked and painted along with the rest of the jet. 

I weathered the model carefully, using my "magic mix" of Smoke and Flat Base, mostly around the cannon, and a light coat over the jet to make it look a little "used". 

I decided it didn't need any lacquer to seal the decals, because that might totally ruin the metal finish - it usually does for me anyway! 

And that's about it.





Modelling Resources. RNoAF F-84 Thunderjet,336 Squadron; plus some of the decals supplied in the kit. 
Decals Used KR-Decals. RNoAF F-84 Thunderjet,336 Squadron; plus some of the decals supplied in the kit. 
Other Accessories None
Paint Humbrol polished aluminium metal cote( base metal color) Humbrol Polished steel/aluminium metal cote mix (darker panels) Tamiya Dark Green, (for the spine) Tamiya Smoke/flat base (gun stains ++) Testors/Italeri green zinc cremate (gun bay, cockpit, wheel wells) Misc Humbrol enamels for the "little things" guns, wheels, instruments panel etc..

I must admit I'm hooked on Tamiya kits. They go together like Lego, they're nicely detailed and they're cheaper than Hasegawa - for the most part anyway. 

I really enjoyed this project and can't wait to get my hands on the Cutting Edge sheet with decals for a 338 Squadron Thunderjet. 

As for Tamiya kits, my next project is a Coastal Command Beaufighter (not far from finished). And for the Easter holidays I have F117 Nighthawk with the Verlinden update kit. 

The world can go on without my interference for a week or so. I'll be in modelers heaven for the Easter vacation!





  • TMMI magazine, 

  • 336 Squadron 50 year book.

Model, Text and Images Copyright 2000 by Sten Arne Andersen
Page Created 28 June, 2000
Last updated 26 July, 2007

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