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Vietnam War 
Australian M113A-1 APC

by Lindsay Sparkes

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RAAC Vietnam, 1970



I n t r o d u c t i o n


This model represents an Australian Army M113A1 as deployed in Vietnam in 1970. It is based on an actual vehicle - call-sign 20A, chassis-number 134350.

The kit used was a very early Tamiya kit of the M113. It is a very basic kit which required extensive modifications to convert it to an Australian vehicle.

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M o d i f i c a t i o n s

  • Armour Bits T50 turret added
  • .30 cal MG dismounted and moved to turret roof
  • Spotlights added to guns. These were removed from headlight assemblies as on real vehicle
  • Ammo boxes added to turret sides
  • Smoke grenades strung across back of turret
  • Commander’s personal weapon, an AK47, on turret roof
  • Turret lifting-hooks added
  • Turret hatch locking-handle and strap scratchbuilt
  • Belly armour and mounting bolts added
  • Bumps representing trim-vane hinges replaced by accurate scratch-built hinges
  • Extended trim-vane and spare wheels added
  • Tie-down hooks on front plate made from scrap brass
  • Spare tracks either side of trim-vane
  • Tent-pole brackets on headlight guards
  • Barbed wire and booster cable on front top deck
  • Air-intakes covered by mesh
  • Headlight wiring and plugs added
  • Driver’s periscope guards removed and replaced by scratch-built brass guards
  • Driver’s hatch rotated by 230 as on actual vehicle to clear turret
  • External fire extinguisher and guard added to hull top
  • Front radio aerial guard shortened
  • .50 and .30 ammo racks and ammo boxes added to hull top
  • MG traverse guard rail at lower rear of turret
  • Australian air-filter box added to top of rear hatch
  • Claymore boxes on top of rear right hull
  • PSP plating on hull sides
  • Sponson reinforcements over front three roadwheels each side
  • Aerials and springs added to aerial bases
  • Jerrycans and carrying brackets on rear plate
  • Rear-ramp hinges replaced by accurate scratchbuilt items
  • Air-exhaust pipe to top right rear
  • Stops and locking latches added for driver’s hatch, rear hatch and rear ramp door

The figures are Tamiya bodies and Verlinden heads.

R e f e r e n c e s


  • Australian Military Equipment Profiles Vol 4: The M113 Armoured Personnel Carriers in Australian Service 1962 to 1972 Michael K Cecil; Castella 1994
  • The M113 Series Simon Dunstan; Osprey 1984
  • Vietnam Tracks: Armour in Battle 1945-75 Simon Dunstan; Osprey 1984
  • M113 in Action Squadron/Signal Publications
  • My collection of over 300 photographs of Australian M113s taken at various museums and army bases

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Model and Text Copyright 1998 by Lindsay Sparkes.
Photographs Copyright 1998 by Pieter Stroethoff.
Page Created 18 September, 1998.
Last updated 26 July, 2007.

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