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Republic P-47D Thunderbolt

by Alessandro Patroncino


Republic P-47D Thunderbolt




The model is the 1/48 scale Academy P-47D bubbletop in 1/48 scale. The Korean company did a good job with dimensions, panel lines and a really great quantity of external stores, as predicted by the P-47N previous kit. Just make sure you use the six spokes on the P-47D against the eight ones on the P-47N!!!





 "And the world began from a cockpit". The same went for my kit. 

The cockpit floor was moulded too short. I made it longer using Evergreen plasticard, moving the instrument panel 3mm forward. I used the Eduard photo etched "Zoom" set (n fe105) that provides basic levers for the side walls, rudder pedals and the usual good looking instrument panel. The only extra details I added were the map case and other amenities (from plasticard) and copper wire to simulate cables. 



My pilot's seat was stolen from the Verlinden set designed for the SBD Dauntless. I made the reflector for the gun sight by acetate sheet using a punch-and-die set. 

The only problem with the kit was fit of the wings to fuselage. A good amount of plasticard and putty was required! 

The power plant was good enough and only some copper wire and a good drybrush work bring it to life. All the rest was pretty straightforward.





The choice for the finish was a P-47D-28-RA serial 42-29147 of the 509th FS, 405th FG, 9th AF based in France on early 1945 (pilot unknown). The aircraft displays a green turtle on the left side of the cowling standing on N10. 



The finish was in natural metal with the well known olive drab antiglare panel. All the stripes (the red ones on tail, ailerons and wings and the black and white bunch) were air brushed by a proper masking work. The invasion stripes were calculated to be approximately 9.45cm each when reduced to 1/48 scale. A red prop spinner and yellow tips on the blades gave the final touch. Aeromaster acrylic colours and Humbrol enamels were used - the Aeromaster for cockpit (interior green 1049), wheel wells (interior yellow 1050), red stripes (rlm 23 red 1014), bombs and antiglare (olive drab 1040) and the Humbrol enamels for invasion stripes (matt white 34/matt black 33) and canopy (gloss orange 18) and Humbrol metal cote (aluminium 27001) for the overall finish. 



Oil colours and china ink pen were used for the final weathering.





I applied the usual coat of gloss varnish (Testors acrylic) before putting decals on place. The Aeromaster sheet was the number 48-348 " THUNDERBOLTS GALORE VII" but the stencils were replaced by the original decals sheet of the kit (this is a point of weakness for me regarding Aeromaster). 



A touch of satin coat (spraying first gloss enamel coat and then acrylic matt coat all by Testors - this is my recipe and works pretty well) and I'm ready for a new JUG!

Model, Text and Images Copyright 2000 by Alessandro Patroncino
Page Created 07 June, 2000
Last Updated 26 July, 2007

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