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Republic P-47C

by Thomas Brown


Republic P-47C Thunderbolt




This is Hasegawa's excellent 1/48 scale P-47D Razorback kit.



I backdated the kit to represent a late C model. This is a very simple conversion to the Hasegawa kit as it only requires a change to the cowl flaps. Hardcore 'Jug' fans will know that the B and C models were built with a 'flat' belly, or keel. On the production line, from the D-5 model forward the keel featured a bulge to accommodate plumbing for a centerline drop tank. Kits were also produced to retrofit earlier C and D versions in the field, and my C is meant to represent one of those aircraft.

The kit presented few problems, and assembly was relatively trouble free. An exception was the lower wing-fuselage joint, which required some putty and careful sanding and re-scribing. 



I added the beautiful resin cockpit from Jaguar for the D model Thunderbolt. I used the kit rear bulkhead and headrest as the resin cockpit was meant for the 'bubbletop' D. I also used brass landing gear from Teknics. They are finely cast, nicely detailed and add a lot to the look of the kit. The 75 gal. drop tank is from an Accurate Miniatures P-51A.



Painting and Decals


I used Model Master paints overall. Olive Drab and Neutral Gray were sprayed over Flat Black preshading. This was my first attempt at preshading, and I was pleased with the result. My poor photography does not do the kit justice, unfortunately. 



The cockpit was painted with Floquil Medium Green, which was a near (close enough for me) match for Republic's bronze green. The wheel wells were painted with Testor's Zinc Chromate Yellow. I weathered the aircraft with an oil wash, and various stains and streaks were added with pastels. Finally, worn paint was simulated with a Silver Prismacolor artist's pencil.



The markings are a combination of AeroMaster (48-113 and 48-389), Superscale (48-456) and kit decals, applied over a coat of Future. The decals were sealed with more Future, followed by Testor's Dullcoat.

Only after the model was finished and sitting on the shelf did I notice that I had reversed the wing tip navigation lights!





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Model, Text and Images Copyright 2000 by Thomas Brown
Page Created 03 June, 2000
Last Updated 26 July, 2007

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