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North American P-51D

by Jaroslav Galler
Images by Vit Kotrla

North American P-51D Mustang





Here is the superb new detail set for Tamiya's 1/48 scale Mustang in typically high quality Aires style.



I am pleased that Aires are steering clear of large photo etched metal sheets and a huge quantity of tiny resin parts. Their recent released have been remarkably simple, with a minimum number of pieces providing the maximum possible detail. This decision makes the set pleasantly easy to build, while the detail quality is fantastic. 



Aires New P-51D Detail Set 


The gear wells and gun bays are one piece and they look especially lovely. 

The cockpit consists of only a few resin pieces without using the dozens of photo-etched metal parts that always make building more difficult and time-consuming. The small metal sheet consists of a few small accessories. In addition, the resin ammo belts which other producers supply in photo-etched metal, are ready to assemble and look much better. 



Most parts fit very well, although the gear wells need a lot of careful sanding of the both wing halves to permit a perfect fir. 

To give an idea of the detail in this set, I include scanned sections of the instruction sheet. 




I chose an attractive scheme "Lou IV" where the letters are silver bordered. I followed the instruction and mixed Tamiya acrylic chrome silver and aluminium. Unfortunately, the color is too far from natural metal and the silver border around the letters is still visible.

The quality of the paint is poor, so I don´t know why Tamiya doesn't convert its excellent AS-12 silver spray to the bottle. The olive drab is Gunze Sangyo acrylic. 

The decals snuggled down well using Aero Sol and Aero Set. 





This set is top quality and the building is relatively easy. I think anybody with average modelling skill can make an excellent "fully opened" replica of the P-51D using this detail set. 



If you want to have a fully detailed eyecatching masterpiece in your collection, take the one of the latest (and I am sure all the next ones too) sets from Aires. At least you can build the model straight out of the box (the Aires box of course) and win.

This is not an advertisement, it is a fact!

Model and Description Copyright © 2000 by Jaroslav Galler
Images Copyright © 2000 by Vit Kotrla
Page Created 12 May, 2000
Last Updated 26 July, 2007

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