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Sd.Kfz. 181 Tiger I Ausf. E
in 1/6 Scale

by David M. Schultz


Pz.Kfw. VI Tiger I Ausf. E





Herman is a radio controlled scratchbuilt, fully operational, all metal (aluminum) 1/6 scale reproduction of the German Sd.Kfz. 181 Pz.Kfw. VI Ausf. E Model Tiger Tank.



Herman weighs approximately 230 pounds. 

The model was upscaled from a 1/35 scale model and from photos taken of the real vehicle at the Ordnance Museum located at the U.S. Army Proving Grounds at Aberdeen, Maryland and is permanently retained on mylar.



Herman's Powerplant


Herman is currently powered by two 1/8 horsepower 12 Volt DC gear motors that power his main drive. He is operated by a commercial eight channel radio transmitted on 49 Mhz that sends signals to Herman. 



Herman receives the radio signals through an electronic receiver that directs electrical current to (4) electrical solenoids that make Herman go forward, reverse, left and right. They also control his speed, which is approximately two miles per hour. Two channels are used to raise and lower his gun; and two more are used to turn his turret to the left and right. His gun yoke/mantlet is made from plate aluminum.

Herman is armed with a 3mm water cannon powered by a 12 Volt 3 amp pump. 





Herman's body structure, turret, road wheels and structural details are made from plate aluminum. All of his axles have bearings and his suspension details are made and machined from round aluminum. 

Herman's drive sprockets, road wheel axles and suspension details are machined from round aluminum. Herman's track (87) left and (87) right and spare tracks attached to his front glacial and turret sides are machined from square aluminum bar and held together with steel pins and retaining rings.

Herman's hull sides, floor, rear bulkhead, pannier floors, front and rear glacial plates are machined from different thicknesses of aluminum to simulate the real vehicle.

Roadwheels, idler wheels and commander's cupola are made and machined from aluminum with details from plate poly-vinyl-chloride (PVC) and spray painted camouflage. Structural details, hatches, ports, ventilators, engine grating, lift hooks and fan covers are machined from plate aluminum.



His 88mm gun barrel is machined from steel. His muzzle brake and 7.92mm front machine gun and dome are machined from round and plate aluminum.



Painting and Markings


Herman has been painted with camouflage with conventional markings and was the 3rd tank in the 2nd platoon of the 1st company (vehicle number Red 321), serving with the SS LAH Panzer Division, "Liebstandarte Adolf Hitler".

Period of service is late fall of 1944, in the Western European theater, without "zimmerit" antimagnetic coating.



A d d i t i o n a l   I m a g e s


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Model, Text and Images Copyright 2000 by David M. Schultz
Page Created 22 June, 2000
Last Updated 26 July, 2007

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