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Caudron 714

by Jean Barby


Caudron 714


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Here is the infamous CAUDRON 714, provided by the French to the Finns, which were never used in combat by the latter.



The French Armée de l'air equipped a group with this underpowered and under armed fighters and gave them to the Polish pilots who had escape the Nazi invasion of Poland. They fought quite well and even manage to shoot down a number of German planes around the city of Lyon.



The kit is the 1/48 scale JMGT, injection version (a resin kit was released earlier), and the quality is well under the short run products from the eastern market. A lot of putty, a lot of sanding, and a killing canopy, are not making this model for the beginner, but for the most experienced one.

The decals for the Finnish version are useless so you have to look for good markings on some after market decals.



The paint scheme is typical of the French pattern for the Caudron and some photos of a surviving example in Finland helped me a lot with the colors and scheme.


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Page Created 19 August, 2001
Last Updated 20 August, 2001

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