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Coldstream Colour Sergeant

by Jack Rabbit (JR) Slim


Coldstream Colour Sergeant


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This is a 120mm Verlinden Colour Guard that I built for my mother's birthday last year. She's a Brit and her father fought in both world wars in the Coldstream Guards. 

I really enjoyed building this figure and am really happy with the way it turned out. There isn't a whole lot to assembly, except to make sure everything is lined up, so it doesn't lean when it's done. Most of the work is in the painting, which was fun. The trousers and Busbee were airbrushed with Polly S night black, and the tunic was 'dabbbed' with Partha Red --the only brand I could find that was the right shade. I got the 'material' texture I wanted in both cases. 

The face was finished by applying different mixed shades of Polly S and a very gentle barely evident wash. The metal parts (buttons, medals, chinstrap) were done by mixing SnJ powder with appropriate metallic Polly S and hand painted. The Base, grass and dome (not shown) are from Hobby Lobby. There is one detail I got wrong that makes the whole figure inaccurate. 

For whatever reason, when I did the eyes, they came out in a way that they will follow you, like some paintings. I was spooked when I realised this. Of course, if you've ever been up to a real Coldstream Guard on watch, you'll know their eyes will not move for anything, even a bunch of harassing schoolkids. You might see this effect in some of the photos. 

My Thanks goes out to Verlinden for such neet stuff, and especially to Brett and the HyperScale community for the never ending help and support.



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