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F-14B Tomcat

by Massimo Ginesi


F-14B Tomcat


Hasegawa's 1/48 scale F-14A Plus Tomcat is available online from Squadron.com




This is my 1/48 scale Hasegawa F-14B Tomcat.

The construction went smoothly, but the project was very challenging and required about two months. Over this period, I worked on the model one or or two hours a day, but not every day!

I used photoetched parts from the kit and some parts from the Eduard set dedicated to the F-14A including details for the canopy and sidewinder rails. The Sparrow missiles are from a Hasegawa weapons set.



I also used Verlinden seats. I painted these and the cockpit interior with Tamiya and Vallejo Acrylics, then applied a wash with heavily thinned oil colors; followed by a final drybrushing with Testors enamel.

The exterior of airplane received a coat of Testor enamel, then I airbrushed all panel lines with heavily thinned dark grey.  I added another light coat of the first grey heavily thinned to keep down the contrast Another coat of Tamiya clear gloss was sprayed before decaling.

I used an Aeromaster set for this airplane, but I preferred to spray the walkway without using the decal for this particular project. When the decals were set, I sprayed another coat of Tamiya clear gloss and it was time for weathering.



For weathering, I applied light coatx of many variations of Tamiya grey heavily thinned to give an appearance of fading, and a wash of oil color in the panel line for dirt. finally I highlighted the panel lines with a sharp pencil. A final coat of Humbrol Dull Coat gives the final finish to the airplane.

The navigation light is painted using Tamiya clear red and green. For the jet exhaust I drybrushed Testors Metallizer on a base coat of semi-gloss black. I used Testors Metalizer for the remaining exposed metallic parts and for the usured part of canopy and cockpit. I added some electrical wire to detail the undercarriage.


This is my third 1/48 airplane and I liked it very much. The first was an Italeri F-16 and the second an Italeri F-14A



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Model, Images and Text Copyright 2001 by Massimo Ginesi
Page Created 09 November, 2001
Last Updated 09 November, 2001

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