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F-16D-40J "Brakeet"

by Jim Rotramel


F-16D-40J "Brakeet"


Eduard's 1/48 scale Albatros Dr.I is available online from Squadron.com




This F-16D-40J Brakeet (Thunderbolt) depicts a 101st Squadron aircraft based at Hatzor AB, Israel about 1993. This aircraft was assigned the USAF serial 90-879, but carries the IDF #612 in service.



The two-seat Brakeets appear to be primarily be used for delivery of precision-guided weapons including LGBs and (as shown) TV and IR guided weapons. This particular load was suggested by a photograph in World Air Power Journal Volume 19 and shows an AGM-130A powered glide-bomb under the right wing and its centerline-mounted AN/AXQ-14 data link pod. 

Only one of these 2,500-lb. weapons can be carried; if two were carried, the asymmetric moment created when the first bomb was dropped would make the aircraft uncontrollable. Therefore, a 500-lb. Mk 82 is carried to counter-balance the AGM-130 while it is carried, yet leave the aircraft controllable after it is dropped.

Finally, for self-defense two Python 3 air-to-air missiles are carried.



Testors F-16 kit, modified with: 

  • DB humpback. 
  • Eagle Design’s bulged-landing gear doors, RHAW antenna, and “big-mouth” inlet. 
  • Eduard photo-etch engine nozzle interior. 
  • Fujimi F110 engine-nozzle. 
  • Aeromaster decals (BTW, the cool-looking 105 Squadron Scorpion marking is too big and unusable.) 
  • Eagle Designs Python 3 bodies were combined with PP Aeroparts wings and fins. 
  • Numerous antennas, inlets and exhausts were scratch built. 
  • The AXQ-14 pod was modified by cutting a 1/48th LAU-10 rocket pod in half and modifying its pointed nose and tail fairings. 
  • The AGM-130 is based on a body produced by PP Aeroparts and scratch built and cast wings and fins.

Model, Text and Images Copyright © 2001 by Patrick Chung
Page Created 17 June, 2001
Last Updated 26 October, 2001

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