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Mosquito FB.VI

by Aleksander Sekularac


Sd.Kfz. 7


Tamiya's 1/48 scale Mosquito FB.VI is available online at Squadron.com




Here is my Tamiya 1/48 scale Mosquito FB Mk. VI that I finished recently. 

I have done extensive work adding a lot of details. This includes the Verlinden set for the interior that replaced most of the cockpit details. I used the excellent CMK resin set to depict the Merlin engine. Since the resin engine mount was broken when I received the set, I built one from steel wire. 



MDC control surfaces set was used for flaps, but all tail surfaces were just cut and repositioned from the kit, since these proved to be much better. I added a many bits and pieces of my own, including formation lights, tiny grilles on the air intakes, antenna from painted invisible thread, some surface panels from thin plastic laminate, pitot tube from syringe needle and steel wire, drilled out exhaust pipes, etc. 



Decals are from Aeromaster Mosquito Raiders II set. Most of weathering techniques known to man were employed on this model. This is also the first time that I was using those "black magic" masks for canopy frame, but I had really bad experience with them. Since my technique requires to leave them on the model for at least a week, when I took them off, they left some thick mud on my windows that I spent next few hours cleaning. 



This model lived through several "near death experiences", but that just makes me more satisfied with the end result. It is probably redundant to reiterate that Tamiya makes state of the art models. This is one more in the series, but there are also lots of sets available to make it unique. 

I am still yet to see one just like mine!


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Page Created 25 June, 2001
Last Updated 26 October, 2001

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