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Boeing 307B Stratoliner

by Jeff Thomsen


Boeing 307B Stratoliner


 Maquette's 1/72 scale Boeing 307B Stratoliner is available online from Squadron




I built my Boeing 307B Stratoliner model using the 1/72 scale Maquette kit for the basic fuselage shape, and a Hasegawa B-17 for the wings, engines, and landing gear.

The Maquette kit was crude, so I spent a lot of time correcting and refining its fuselage shape (the wing fillets needed a lot of filing and puttying, for example), as well as scratch building a flight deck, stretch-forming new cockpit windows, and adding strips of clear acrylic for cabin windows. The cabin window strips were super glued into the fuselage sides, sanded to contour, and polished before each window was masked prior to painting.


The B-17 wings needed some alterations. The 307 lacked the turbo superchargers of the bomber, so I had to fill in the appropriate areas on the nacelles and make slots for the relocated exhaust pipes. Cooling air intakes had to be scratch built. I used the props supplied in the Maquette kit, since I thought they looked more like my references. I also made some external flap hinges which were glued to the underside of the wing (TWA aircraft only).

The model was finished with various tints of SNJ aluminum paint.

It was a lot of work, but worth having a model of one of the rare ones.

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Model, Images and Text Copyright 2002 by Jeff Thomsen
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Last Updated 11 December, 2002

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