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H.S. Buccaneer S Mk.2b

by Len Thompson

H.S. Buccaneer S Mk. 2b


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The Buccaneer was known as the Brick, Banana Bomber and various other nicknames during its service.

Originally designed in the 50s as a low-level strike aircraft for the Royal Navy, with the cancellation of the proposed purchase of F-111s for the RAF following the cancellation of TSR2, the RAF took delivery of the Buccaneer. At the time this was felt to be against the RAF’s better judgement. Events were to prove them wrong as the Bucc came to be extremely well liked by those who flew it, and a firm favourite at airshows.

The aircraft’s swansong came during the Gulf War. The Buccaneer was capable of carrying the Pave Spike laser designator and 12 aircraft were sent to the Gulf so that they could “buddy lase” for RAF Tornados. Later in the campaign, the aircraft carried their own 1000lb LGBs.

The model is the Airfix Buccaneer in 1/72scale. The kit is fair, having been originally tooled in the 60s and more recently being brought up to date. The fit leaves something to be desired but with work, can be made to look quite good.

Modifications to the kit include a scratchbuilt cockpit (some Airwaves brass was used), full rescribing, modification of the wingtip shape, and various other bits and pieces.

This model was finished in Xtracolour Desert Pink, heavily lightened with white, then weathered with various other shades. Decals were from Modeldecal.



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