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F-15 Eagle Gallery

by David de Ryck

F-15 Eagle


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Recently, along with two friends Cliff Armstrong and Stephen Thrum, I formulated an idea to build differing versions of the same aircraft. This was all for fun and as a side diversion to our usual club activities. We all build in 1/48th scale and our first choice was the F-15 Eagle. You can see below the finished products.

The first aircraft, mine, is the recently released Revell F-15E Strike Eagle. She was built, in the main, straight from the box. Additions included the replacement of the ejection seat with a Verlinden Aces II seat, with slight modifications; a replacement HUD from True Details; Ordnance from the Hasegawa Weapon Sets; and Bomb Graffiti from a Verlinden Dry Transfer set. The model is finished using Model Master paints in a standard all over Gunship Grey colour scheme, flying the markings of the 335th Tactical Fighter Squadron ‘Chiefs’, in Desert Storm February 1991.

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The second aircraft is Cliff’s and has been converted from the Academy F-15D kit to the MDD prototype F-15E, which was actually one of the original prototype F-15B’s. Conversions included scratchbuilding the main undercarriage bays; rebuilding the upper fuselage and air brakes to depict the earlier version; scratchbuilding the engine actuator arms; and replacing the pylons, designator pods and weapons from his spares box. The kit was finished in a European 1, or Lizard scheme, utilising decals, again from his spares box.

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Now the third aircraft, obviously Stephen’s, has had major conversions done to it. It started life as the Academy F-15E Strike Eagle kit and has been extensively converted to have it represent the NASA F-15 ‘ACTIVE’ (Advanced Control Technology for Integrated Vehicles). Detailing included Ejection Seat detailing and modifications; Cockpit enhancement and changes; Plumbing and structural detail added to the nose wheel well; the addition of the extra engine intake ramp to the lower intake area; Flaps, Ailerons, and Elevons cut out, rebuilt and repositioned; Modifications to the upper and lower fuselage, including the airbrake assembly and removal of the rear fuselage between the exhausts; addition of a nose mounted GPS Navigation unit; scratchbuilt undercarriage bays, forward canard foreplanes, and Instrumentation boom; removal of the model’s cannon muzzle and associated area; corrections to the vertical stabilizers; and the scratchbuilding of the Axisymmetric Thrust-Vectoring Exhaust Nozzles (Each of these has over 325 parts per nozzle!). The model has been finished in the colourful markings from NASA utilising custom home made decals.

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We are already undertaking our next project a group or B-26 Marauder’s, so stay tuned for views of them in the future!


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Last Updated 08 January, 2002

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