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French Knight 1350

French Knight 1350

Andrea Miniatures



Glen Phillips



Andrea Miniatures' French Knight 1350 is available online from Squadron.com




Here is my French Knight 1350 (SM-F36) in 54mm (1/32) scale from Andrea Miniatures.

Overall, the metal kit's fit and finish were fine. The only fiddly bit came in the assembly of the right hand/spear, right arm, and torso. The hand is cast with the spear and everything must be properly aligned.

The ventilation holes in the helmet visor were shallow dimples. I drilled them out to hold a drop of black paint.

I buffed the helmet, visor, and shin guards. Everything else is painted using Andrea's acrylic paints. The mail was painted using gun metal, then given a wash of black. More wash was concentrated in the shadow areas. A light brushing with lightened gunmetal was used on the high spots.

This was my first serious attempt at using Andrea's acrylic paints (I normally use enamels such as Humbrol). Some lessons learned:

  1. Don't treat them like a thick model paint. Treat them like a thin artist's paint.

  2. Use only small quantities - a drop or two in the color dish is all you need.

  3. Keep the paints moist and your brush clean.

  4. Build up the color in graduated layers from light to dark. Some of my highlights and shadows are little more than translucent stains.

This is probably old hat for most acrylic users, but for me it was all new. I was pleasantly surprised with my results.



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