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by Standa Hrubý




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Hyperconversion in 1/48 scale -
The Smallest Quarter-Scale Kit?

The Heliofly was a genuine, operational Gyrocopter developed in Austria during 1941. It was the first product of Paul Baumgartl, a Vienna designer of small helicopters. For more information on the Heliofly, follow this link.

All of us that like to make models in 1/48 scale know the problem of finding enough space for their collection in their house. That is why I came up with this idea of an elegant solution when also your collection will have one unique piece more.


  • Even the rest of your family will love this mode

  • This model doesn't take up much space

  • You will have a Heinkel He-111 for future us


  • You will have a Heinkel He-111 left over!

You will need a model kit of the Heinkel He 111 in 1/48 scale, a piece of 1mm flat plastic thick, a razor saw, cigarette paper, photoetched buckles, photos and drawings of the real Heliofly I, family members and pets out of your house, paint, brushes, files, glue, scissors, tweezers and a six-pack of a good Czech beer.



One of the crew figures that is in the model kit He-111 from Revell is very usable for the Heliofly. You can add touches like gloves - as I did after seeing a real photo.

I made rotor blades from scratch out of polystyrene. First I painted it red and stuck letters HELIOFLY from the dry decals on it. After airbrushing black-greenish paint over it, I took the letters off so I would have red letters. The harness and structure are made from a thin tin and wire. The harness is made from cigarette paper. Use your imagination for the rest of the details!


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