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Il-2m3 Stormovik

by Chris Wauchop


IL-2m3 Stormovik

images by Brett Green

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Here is Chris Wauchop's 1/48 scale Il-2m3 Stormovik from Accurate Miniatures.

Chris built this when the kit was first released. The fuselage to lower wing fit was a challenge with the kit cockpit in place (on the lower wing part). A prominent actuator rod needed to be threaded along the sides of the cockpit interior - care was required for this part of the construction too.



The kit was mostly built straight from the box but the bomb fuses were modified. The disks representing the propellers on the bombs were removed, leaving the centre spiggot. Thin white plasticard was then cut into short uniform lengths. These were applied, one by one, the first four in a cruciform pattern with the appropriate pitch on each blade. The remaining four blades were added in between.

Cannon and machine gun barrels were drilled out and antenna wire added.

Undersurface paint was Gunze RLM 65 Light Blue. Upper colours were mixes of other Gunze colours to match illustrations. Wing root weathering is via silver pencil.



Decals were from Aeromaster and reference came from a scratchy old publication called "Aircraft Encyclopaedia. This reference was found by chance after Chris had already chosen the subject. The old photo was unclear about the accuracy of the red nose, but the red-nose interpretation looked good! Also, the reference seemed to suggest that the name on the side was a propaganda-inspired addition to the photgraph, and not actually on the plane.



Additional Images


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Model and Text Copyright 2002 by Chris Wauchop
Images Copyright 2002 by Brett Green
Page Created 02 December, 2002
Last Updated 07 December, 2002

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