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by Randy Colvin




Italeri's 1/35 scale Sturmtiger is available online from Squadron




This is the 1/35 scale Sturmtiger from Italeri.

This kit was a joy to build because of its size and its ease of assembly. I also enjoy doing the Ambush Scheme and this kit gave you a large tank to do it on.

Italeri doesnít give you a complete interior but they gave you enough to work with and it doesnít take that much scratch building to add to it to open the hatches.

I am not a big fan of link by link tracks but Italeri does the longer pieces as whole parts with just a few links separate to go around the idler wheel and the drive sprocket. Weathering was done with pastels only and I think Iím going to use that technique more often.

I bent the track skirts with my teeth, Italeri plastic is soft enough to do that with but Tamiya plastic seems to break were you donít want it to.



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