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Heller and Glow2B Germany

by François Verdu (REPLIC)

To all those interested in the development of Heller and Glow2B Germany.

For more than 60 years the construction kits of the Heller brand were developed and produced in Normandy, France by experienced staff.

The Heller brand and its over 400 products were acquired by Glow2B Germany.

Glow2B Germany originated from “Heller Deutschland”, the erstwhile German subsidiary. Today Glow2B Germany GmbH is one of the largest distributors of plastic models in Europe. Its strengths are a remarkably high availability of its over 24,000 active products, fast delivery, flexibility and the new Easy-to-buy-System which allows for easy ordering by traders, and delivers all requested information  in a fast and reliable manner.

Soon a new company Heller will come into being. It will be the owner of the brand Heller and the over 1,500 steel moulds for the production. This company will undertake all future investments in new products and marketing. One of the first investments will be for the long awaited model of the [Renault] ESTAFETTE.

Other projects are already in the pipeline. The focus of future development will be on models with a link to the French market and French modelers. This means historic ships, airplanes and vehicles. Military vehicles in 1:35 or 1:72 were never a strong side of Heller and will not be so in the future either.

A team of French and German modelers has been formed to work on future projects. Other nationalities however are also welcome. The team will meet in Normandy, France and in Germany.

We are happy that Eric David will be the team leader. Eric has been working to revive the Heller brand for several years. With a renewed and strong focus on the Modeling Theme Eric will be responsible for the distribution and marketing of the Heller brand. At the same time he will help build the distribution in France of the other brands distributed by Glow2B Germany.

We will be back with much additional and exiting information in the coming weeks.