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Strategies for Dealing with Seams:

Dr. Strangebrush on the Plastic Model Mojo Podcast



Mike and Dave, a.k.a the Mojo Brothers had me on the Plastic Model Mojo Podcast again to discuss gluing techniques that help to eliminate seams and how to fill seams when you get them. There's a lot to seams it seems :) But first, we add to a discussion begun in the previous podcast on clear coats; in particular methods for filtering Flat and Matte clears prior to spraying. Then, it's on to a discussion on dealing with seams while building.

You can listen to the episode HERE.

Topics of note with the associated time marks are:

  • Looking for “Splooge" (01:01:20),

  • Stabilizing the Seams (01:05:25),

  • My Fave Sequence of Abrasives (01:23:40)

  • Preparing Sprayable Filler (01:36:00).



The following topics were discussed at the indicated times: 

  • Start------00:46:50

  • Filtering Matte and Flat Clears Prior to Airbrushing------00:48:20

  • Dealing with Seams Introduction------00:55:15

  • Prepping the Plastic for Glue------00:58:00

  • "The Trick"------00:59:35

  • Looking for "Splooge"------01:01:20

  • Suggestions for Using Clamps While Gluing------01:03:45

  • "Splooge" Removal------01:04:15

  • Trick #2: Stabilizing the Seams with CA------01:05:25

  • Abrasives for Blending Seams------01:09:10

  • Profile Waterproof Finishing Kit Grits 400, 600, 1,000, and 2,000------01:13:45

  • Micromesh Abrasives Grits 3,600, 4,000, 6,000, and 8,000------01:15:35

  • Filling the Seam------01:17:00

  • Sprue Goo------01:17:50

  • Mr. Surfacer 500 and 1,000------01:22:20

  • My Fave Sequence of Abrasives------01:23:40

  • Using New Versus Used Abrasives------01:25:10

  • CA Glue as a Filler? Not so much------01:28:25

  • CA Glue and Talcum Powder as a Seam Filler------01:29:45

  • Flexi-Files for Blending Contoured Surfaces------01:34:00

  • Sprayable Filler------01:36:00

  • New and Cool Stuff on Model Paint Solutions------01:47:50

  • The H-S Evolution Double-Action Airbrush: A Solid Affordable German Import------01:49:10

  • The End------01:50:55

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