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Supermarine Spiteful
(Special) with "what if" markings

AZ Model, 1/72 scale

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AZ Models AZ 7277 Supermarine Spiteful (Special)



Contents & Media

50 short-run, mid grey plastic parts on one sprue, 1 one-piece injection moulded clear canopy, decals for four aircraft plus an A5 sized 4 page instruction sheet with history, parts plan and 11 build diagrams. Colour and decal instructions are on the box rear.


Available online from Hannants for £13.90 and Modelimex for €14.29

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First Look


A long overlooked subject, good surface detail, very thin and clear injection moulded canopy, good shape, reasonable detail and excellent “What If” decals for four aircraft.


Short-run so lots of flash and no locating pins. Parts 28 look like hydraulic actuators for the undercarriage are shown on the parts plan but not mentioned in the instructions.


A rare subject that looks reasonably accurate with plenty of scope for super-detailers, but not for beginners.


Reviewed by Glen Porter

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The Supermarine Spiteful was designed during WW II as a replacement for the late Spitfires. It had a Griffon engine, laminar flow wing, wide track under carriage and a raised cockpit. First flown in mid 1944, it was not ready for production until after the wars end. However, as its speed was not much better than the Spitfire, had some handling problems and the RAF could see more value in the jet age, it was taken no further than the prototype stage.





It would not surprise me to find that Airfix, Frog or Matchbox had produced a 1/72nd scale Spiteful way back when. I've never heard of such a kit, but if any of them did, it would be nowhere near as good as this kit from AZ Models. Okay, it's a short-run kit with lots of flash and every part will require some clean-up but the shape is there as is the detail and the clean-up will not cause a problem for experienced modellers.

All 50 parts are on one sprue and the mould quality is about the same as Sword and several other short-run model manufacturers from that area. Construction is reasonably straight forward but rudder, under-wing radiators and wheel-well inserts are separate. There is a two-piece spinner with five separate prop blades. Interior consists of floor, rear bulkhead frame, seat, fun stick and instrument panel. Some wall detail is moulded on to the fuselage interior but there are no rudder peddles. Scope here for some extra detail or perhaps parts from a Spitfire resin cockpit could be fitted. Detail on all parts is well done although the wheel-wells may be a bit shallow.


  • AZ Model 1/72 scale Supermarine Spiteful Review by Mark Davies: Image
  • AZ Model 1/72 scale Supermarine Spiteful Review by Mark Davies: Image
  • AZ Model 1/72 scale Supermarine Spiteful Review by Mark Davies: Image
  • AZ Model 1/72 scale Supermarine Spiteful Review by Mark Davies: Image
  • AZ Model 1/72 scale Supermarine Spiteful Review by Mark Davies: Image
  • AZ Model 1/72 scale Supermarine Spiteful Review by Mark Davies: Image
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The canopy is very clear and although one-piece is quite thin and should pose no problem to cut open. This is advised in the instructions.



Decals are very well presented with good register, glossy surface and minimum carrier film but no indication of who they are printed by so testing would be advisable. The markings are all “What If” of course, as if the aircraft had gone into production after the war was over although no Squadron or nationality is indicated in the artwork. Another kit, AZ 7271, has the same plastic and markings for three of the aircraft actually built.



The markings in this kit are as follows:

      1. RAF in South East Asian colours of  Dark Green, Ocean Grey uppers and Light Sea Grey below. Serial is RN 301 and coded YB-A it has a dark blue spinner, small SEA roundels in six places plus white bands on wings and fin.

      2. RAF again but this time in the UK with over-all bare metal or silver, red spinner, black anti-glare panel with post-war roundels in six places. Serial is RN 296 and Squadron colours are a red flash with black diamonds.

      3. Post war Finnish Air force, serialed SU-213 in over-all silver or bare metal, mid-blue spinner, black anti-glare panel and post war Finnish roundels in six positions. It also has a black 2 on the rudder and a black running deer below the screen.

      4. Post war Royal Dutch Air Force, serial unknown, coded H-83 in Dark Green and Ocean Grey above and Sky type S under surfaces with a black spinner and post war Dutch roundels in six places.





I have to acknowledge that this kit will not be for everyone, especially the inexperienced. However, many modellers out there have a “thing” for the unusual and this kit is nothing if not that.



The marking you could put on this model are limited only by your imagination and Spitfire fans will love the shape. Add to that the possibilities for extra detail and I believe AZ Models will have a winner on their hands.

Thanks to Legato  / AZ Models for the sample

Review Text Copyright 2009 by Glen Porter
Page Created 21 June, 2009
Last updated 21 June, 2009

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